Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions. They are grouped based on the type of service. To view our glossary for commonly used terms, click here.

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Ocean Freight

1Who is the main contact for inquiries?
Our Logistics Coordinator can be reached at

Air Freight

1Which countries can you do import/export for?
We can do import/export for any country across the world—China, Mexico, USA, Japan, and Germany are just a few of the many countries we can ship to/from.

Air Consolidation

For full information on air consolidated shipping, click here.

1When is my shipment arriving?
We will send you an SMS message when the cargo arrives. We can also send an email notification if preferred. Transit time is 7-10 days from when the cargo leaves Canada. Cargo leaves Canada about 2 days after the cutoff for the shipment. Kindly wait for the notification as we cannot provide an exact estimate of arrival.
2How much does it cost to ship?
Our rates are $13/kg (CAD) for general cargo and $14/kg (CAD) for cargo containing lithium ion batteries (phones, laptops, rechargeable devices). Please note that the minimum chargeable weight is 10kg. Cargo weighing less than 10kg will be charged as if it weighs 10kg. Please package your cargo in a sturdy box. There is a repackaging fee for improperly packaged cargo.
3Do I need to fill out the shipment form?
Yes. The shipment form contains necessary information for who is receiving the package and for customs clearance. Filling out the form on time prevents shipment delays.
4Where is the office location for pickup?
The office location will be released when cargo is available for pickup. We will send the address via SMS or email along with office pickup hours. If you ordered door delivery, we will contact a delivery driver to send your cargo to the consignee's address.