Efficient and Affordable Ocean Freight Services by Jenik Freight: Your Versatile Shipping Solution

When it comes to international shipping, Jenik Freight offers fast and effective ocean freight services that are both cost-efficient and flexible. Ocean freight is the preferred mode of transportation, accommodating shipments of all sizes at a fraction of the cost compared to air freight. If your cargo exceeds the capacity of air transport, ocean freight is the ideal alternative.

Conveniently Positioned Across Canada for Seamless Cargo Delivery

Whether you need to ship project cargo, mining equipment, heavy equipment, roll-on roll-off (RORO) items, oversized cargo (OOG), or containerized goods, Jenik Freight ensures safe and reliable handling within your budget. We provide comprehensive services from any Canadian city or seaport to your international destination.

We Specialize in Heavy Equipment, Oversize Cargo (OOG), and Agricultural Produce, Tailored to Fulfill All Your Shipping Needs

Though we specialize in heavy equipment shipping, oversize cargo (OOG), and agricultural produce, we possess the capability to meet all your shipping needs. Whether it's personal or commercial shipping, we provide bespoke solutions for diverse cargo types. Our commitment is to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries, guaranteeing that every shipment arrives at its designated destination with utmost precision and at the most competitive prices.

Full Container Loads (FCLs) And Less-Than Container Loads (LCLs) Available To Accommodate Any Cargo Size

For larger shipments that require a full container, our Full Container Loads (FCLs) service is the ideal choice. Conversely, for cargo that falls below the weight or quantity thresholds for standard container rates, our Less-Than-Container Loads (LCLs) service comes into play. With LCL shipping, your cargo is securely consolidated with goods from other shippers to optimize container space. Our ocean freight solutions are customized to your specific requirements, ensuring the most efficient option for your cargo size.


Less Wait Time – Our Industry Experience Allows Us To Quickly Complete Consolidated Shipping Requests

Often, when you go with consolidated shipping for your cargo, you are faced with longer wait times due to the stand-by time required to fill the container. When you choose Jenik Freight for your ocean freight deliveries, you can take comfort knowing that our connections and experience mean we fill containers quickly to allow for timely shipment of your goods.


We Have Excellent Relationships with Major Carriers, Which Means That More Money Will Stay in Your Pockets

Our relationships with other shipping companies or shipping container providers give us a competitive edge when getting reduced prices for our clients. This adds up in the long term and helps us ensure you’re getting the quality that you deserve.


Overseas Car Shipping

We collaborate with major carriers and employ skilled personnel who handle the process of overseas car shipping with great care. Our professionally trained staff can load, block, and brace your vehicles into our secure shipping containers, alleviating any worries about potential damages. From start to finish, your vehicle will be in safe hands. We understand the anxieties associated with transporting vehicles overseas, whether it's a relocation for work, a personal move, or the long-awaited importation of your dream car. That's why we take every precaution to ensure a safe and punctual delivery. Additionally, our 24/7 tracking options allow you to monitor your vehicle's progress every step of the way.


Effortless Shipping to Any Destination with Our Strategically Located Ports

At Jenik Freight, we have established strategic partnerships with 300+ ports worldwide, enabling us to facilitate seamless and efficient delivery of your cargo to their destinations. The possibilities for transporting your cargo are virtually limitless, as we possess the capability to access ports across the globe. No matter the location, we ensure swift, secure, and efficient transportation, offering you peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process.


Effortlessly Connect Your Cargo between Canada and International Destinations

At Jenik Freight, international shipping is our specialty, and we excel in delivering a seamless and hassle-free experience by providing comprehensive support with border crossings and customs procedures. With our extensive network covering 150 countries and 300 strategically located ports, we offer a wide array of shipping options for transporting goods to and from diverse destinations. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring all your requirements are met and guaranteeing a stress-free shipping experience.


Comprehensive Ocean Cargo Services for Any Destination

With our comprehensive range of ocean cargo services, we offer multiple sailing schedules and a wide selection of reliable carriers to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to deliver your cargo wherever you desire. Leveraging our strategically located ports, we have the capability to handle shipments from anywhere in the world, providing you with extensive reach and global connectivity for your cargo.


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