–We Are BBB Accredited

Offering Trustworthy Service That You Can Depend On

At Jenik Freight, our clients and their priorities come first. We’re dedicated to making the shipping process easy and effortless for our clients – making us a recognized member of the BBB. We partner with most of the major shipping lines that are trusted within the freight forwarding industry to ensure that your cargo is safely and efficiently transported to your destination.
–We Have a Proven Track Record of Honesty and Integrity

Giving You Peace of Mind Knowing Your Valuables Are Safe with Us

We value honesty and integrity in both our workplace and with the other major carriers. We are transparent and open about our processes and pricing. Jenik Freight, will make sure that your quotes are accurate and not inflated. We are happy to keep you informed about your cargo at every stage of its transportation.Jenik Freight will make sure we are getting you accurate quotes for our services and we won’t inflate the price. Because of our partnership withmajor carriers, be rest assured that we will get a competitive quote for you.
–Let Us Take Care of Your Shipping Requirements So You Can Focus on What’s Important

Making Your Business Succeed

Your time is valuable and we recognize that at Jenik Freight Services Inc. We understand that organizing freight logistics, especially preparing proper and accurate documentation can be daunting. We do not want your cargo to be held up at customs.We research every country’s custom requirement and ensure that they are met for every shipment. In addition, our tried and proven partners around the world ensure that you take delivery of your cargo effortlessly at your destination and without complications. Let us take care of all those details so you can focus on making your business grow.
–Our Phones Are Always Answered by Our Competent

Friendly Staff for a Fast, Accurate Response

We value your call and want you to have the best experience with us. Our trained professionalsanswer your callsand set up the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to get your cargo where it needs to go. After asking a few brief questions, we will provide you with an accurate quote over the phone so you know exactly what to expect.
–Our Reliable Staff Makes Sure

Your Cargo Is Shipped Quickly and Safely

Our professional staff members are trained to handle all the equipment we use to load and unload your cargo. Your cargo is safely and properly secured in the moving containers with detailed labels to ensure there is never any mix-ups with cargo.Our efficient processes and skilled staff ensure that all deliveries are completed on time.
–Stay Informed of Your Shipping Status

We Offer 24/7 Tracking

Know where your cargo is at any point of the day or night. We’ll send you updates to your phone s o you know where your shipment is at any time during the shipping process. You can rest easy knowing that your cargo is going to arrive on time.
–We Provide Free, No-Obligation Quotes

So You Can Keep Your Money In Your Business

At Jenik Freight, we know that you need the best for your money and we offer free quotes, so you can compare us to our competition and know that we have the best price. We value our customers and their time and money. We want you to have the best price and experience with us and we like to start at the very beginning with our quotes.
–We Offer the Best Cargo Insurance on the Market

Your Goods are Covered in the Rare Event that Something Goes Wrong

While we take every precaution to make sure your goods are handled safely and carefully there are some circumstances that are out of our control (such as accidents or extreme storms). Cargo insurance is important in the unlikely event that your cargo gets damaged. We can provide you with cargo insurance and will advise you as to the type of insurance you’ll need. The insurance will save you expensive fees if for some reason your cargo does get damaged during the shipping process .
–Going Through Customs Can be a Hassle

But Our Team of Professionals Can Help Make It Easier

Shipping cargo out of the country? You’ll need to clear customs first. We have an experienced team that can help you procure the correct documents so your cargo doesn’t get stuck at the border. We will go over everything regarding customs with you before your cargo is shipped to avoid unnecessary delays. This ensures the entire process goes smoothly and your goods are delivered on time without any complications .
–We Offer Consolidated Shipping for Individuals and Smaller Businesses

Which Makes Your Bill Cheaper and The Cargo Safer

Shipping cargo together in a container with other customers is safer and cheaper than it is by itself. We offer consolidated shipping to make sure that you are getting a better deal, as you’ll be sharing costs with other clients. As an added benefit, this shipping method also limits the damage that could be done if your cargo was in the container by itself.
–All Our Shipments

Arrive Safely and Customer Satisfaction Is Always Guaranteed

At Jenik, we are committed to making sure you have a wonderful experience with us. We work hard to make sure that your cargo gets where it needs to go quickly and safely. Your experience with us should be easy, enjoyable and stress free. We want you to have a smile on your face every time you use our services.
–We Tailor Our Shipping Services to Your Unique Needs

You Always Get the Service You Need at A Price You Can Afford

At Jenik Freight, we offer a wide range of service to our customers. Whether you are shipping something personal or something for your business, we can help you get your cargo where it needs to be – on time, every time. Our priority is making sure that your goods arrive safely and on time, without breaking the bank.
–Shipping Surprises Are No Surprise for Us

We Can Handle Anything That Pops Up

No matter what happens we can always find a solution to the problem. Whether it is more cargo than you thought you had to move to a slight delay at customs, we can help you navigate the system so your package arrives there safe and sound.
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