Jenik Freight Offers Fast & Effective Ocean Freight Services As An Affordable, Versatile Shipping Option

Ocean freight is the most used mode of transportation for international shipping. It can accommodate shipments of any size and is also much more affordable than air freight. If your cargo is too large for air freight, ocean freight is the next best thing.
Whether it is a project cargo, mining equipment, Heavy Equipment, Roll on Roll Off (RORO), Oversize Cargo or containerized cargo, Jenik Freight will handle it safely, within your budget from any city or Seaport in Canada to your international destination.

We’re Located Throughout Canada and We Can Get Your Cargo to Where It Needs to Go – Easily

We have delivery options from all of the provinces in Canada and have strategically placed ports on each coast to ensure that we can deliver your

cargo in the quickest way possible. With so many ports and stops we can make sure your cargo stays on schedule and that it arrives at its destination intact .

We Specialize in Heavy Equipment, Oversize Cargo( OOG) and Agricultural Produce, But We Can Meet All Your Shipping Needs

Though we specialize in heavy cargo shipping and agricultural produce, we can handle all of your shipping needs. From personal to commercial shipping, we offer customized solutions for all types of cargo. We make sure that all shipments get to the right place at the right time and for the best price.

Full Container Loads (FCLs) And Less-Than Container Loads (LCLs) Available To Accommodate Any Size Shipment

Full Container Loads are for larger shipments that require a full container to ship. However, Less-Than Container Loads is the term used for cargo that is

insufficient in weight or quantity to be eligible for the freight rates that are applied to standard containers. With LCL shipping your cargo is carefully packaged with other shipper’s goods to fill a container and maximize the container’s space. Our ocean freight solutions are tailored to your needs and we will arrange for the most efficient option based on your requirements and cargo size.

Less Wait Time – Our Industry Experience Allows Us To Quickly Complete Consolidated Shipping Requests

Often, when you go with consolidated shipping for your cargo, you are faced with longer wait times due to the stand-by time required to fill the container. When you choose Jenik Freight for your ocean freight deliveries, you can take comfort knowing that our connections and experience mean we fill containers quickly to allow for timely shipment of your goods.

We Have Excellent Relationships with Major Carriers, Which Means That More Money Will Stay in Your Pockets

Our relationships with other shipping companies or shipping container providers give us a competitive edge when getting reduced prices for our clients. This adds up in the long term and helps us ensure you’re getting the quality that you deserve.

Trust Your Antique, Exotic Or Sports Car With Our Skilled Car Freight Services

Your car is your baby – we understand your concerns about potential for damage. Even with the best insurance, there are some things that money just can’t replace (like that ultra rare 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88). That’s why we only use the best carriers in the industry and expert, detailed loading and unloading personnel who respect and appreciate the unique value of these types of shipments.

Let our professionally trained staff load, block and brace your cars into the shipment containers so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting damaged. Your vehicle is going to be safe with us from start to finish. We know the stress that can come with transporting your vehicles across seas. Whether you’re moving to a new country for a work or relocating or if you are importing your long-awaited dream car, we make sure that every precaution is taken to ensure your car arrives safely and on time. You can watch your vehicle as it progresses with our 24/7 tracking options.

We Have Strategically Placed Ports to Help You Move Your Vehicle Wherever You Want It.

Jenik Freight has strategically placed ports partners all over the world, which makes it easier and more efficient for us to deliver your vehicles, among other items, to get where it needs to be. The possibilities of where we can send your cargo are endless; if there’s a port we can get it there quickly, safely, and efficiently.

We Can Get Your Cargo to and From Canada to International Locations with Ease and Efficiency

We know how to move your cargo internationally and will make sure you have everything you need to pass borders and customs. Our diversely placed ports give us and our customers multiple avenues to ship their goods to. Our professional staff will make sure you have everything you need, so your shipping experience with us is stress free.

We Have All Of The Ocean Cargo Services – You Can Get Your Cargo Anywhere

We can offer you multiple sailing schedules and a variety of carriers, so you can get your cargo to where it needs to go and on time. On top of that, we can get your cargo delivered wherever you’d like it to be. Our strategically placed ports allow shipments to come from anywhere in the world.

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