While some people absolutely love flying, others are tremendously terrified of it. No matter which category you fall into, you probably hope and wish your flight will be as peaceful and comfortable as possible every time. From finding ways to block out unwanted noise from your fellow passengers to nifty and handy travel hacks, these travel hints, tricks and tips will help you to not only have a more pleasant flying experience, but you might take away an extra trick or two about general travel from this article that you didn’t know before.

1. Pack Hack When planning a trip, most people will always tell you to pack light, but the truth is about packing smart to the avid traveler. With this nifty packing trick, you’re bound to save yourself loads of space in your suitcases. The trick is to lay out the heavier, larger items such as towels or sweatshirts at the bottom of your suitcase before you start packing anything else.

2. Layer Up When flying, the atmosphere can become warmer or colder depending on where you are, the altitude, and how many of your fellow passengers have turned on – or off the air conditioning. So, to stay comfy, it’s best to dress for the trip and wear layers. If it warms up while you’re in the air, you can always take your layers off until you feel comfortable, and likewise, if it cools down.

3. Avoid the Queue! Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, many flights are being rearranged and even canceled. And we bet your bottom dollar if you’ve already arrived at the airport that the line to rebook flights is pretty long. Well, here’s a handy trick for a moment just like this. Instead of waiting for hours on end only to very likely be disappointed by the fact that the next few flights are already fully booked – just call customer service instead! They’ll book the flight for you, and you won’t need to wait in that awful queue all day long.

4. Keep the Air On If you’d like to protect yourself from germs as much as possible during your flight, then it’s best to keep the aircon above you on full blast – even if it does get a little bit chilly. The air actually helps to keep germs away. The air from the vent creates a sort of invisible layer of air around you that basically prevents any germs or viruses from hanging around and making you sick

5. No Soda Carbonated drinks like fizzy water or sodas are not a great combination with high air altitudes and can cause your intestinal tract to swell – causing discomfort and unwanted gas, and burping! That’s pretty embarrassing, especially if you’re seated next to strangers. Instead of indulging in a glass of Coke, try drinking water or juice for the duration of your flight and save the fizzy drinks for when your feet are on the ground.

6. Extra Seat Hack There is nothing greater than noticing that the middle seat next to you is empty when it’s time for liftoff! And here’s how to get that for free. This one is not a guarantee, but still worth a try if you are riding in economy and want to score some extra room. If you are traveling as a pair, book the aisle and window seat. If your flight happens to be under-booked, it is improbable that someone will pick a seat between two people that they don’t know – so your chances of having some extra space are at least a little bit higher! Yipee

7. Sleep After Takeoff Rather than sleeping before or after takeoff, take this time to look after your ears. They are susceptible to air pressure and are not able to regulate with rapid changes such as the drastic change in air pressure after takeoff.

8. Flight Stretches Flying tends to affect our bodies’ circulation and can cause our feet and legs to swell – particularly on longer flights. But, there are some techniques that you can use on the plane to try to prevent this swelling from happening. Doing in-seat stretches and making sure that you are getting up and walking around the plane when you have a chance will help your blood flow a little more and help you avoid the swelling.

9. Download Offline Maps After a long flight, all you want to do is get to your hotel and freshen up. But if you’re in a new city or country, it might be a little bit difficult to navigate – and there might not be an available Wi-Fi connection to help you when you need it the most. Don’t worry, dear traveler – Google’s got your back for this one. Before you leave home, open up Google Maps on your phone and download offline maps for your destination. That way, you’ll have easy and internet-free access to maps, and you’ll be able to find your way around far more easily.

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